Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We are Heading Out

After 13 incredible years in the rocky mountains, the levi family is picking up and heading back east. While our move is mostly motivated by Zoe, who fares much better at sea level, we couldn't't be happier about being closer to family and old friends. So, back east, here we come! It's bittersweet for sure, but we could not feel any luckier about leaving the mountains with two of the most amazing gems in the whole world! As for the girls health, we're also fully cognizant of how lucky we are in that department too. Sadie and Zoe are both amazing (to us at least).  They are happy and funny and way ahead of their years in many things, including their sense of humor.   They're also as sweet as can be and love each other to pieces.  Zoe is still on the feeding tube because she just doesn't like to eat or swallow, but we're hoping the move to sea level will really help with that. She seems to be more comfortable and content when she's not at 7,000 feet and concentrating on breathing. She's 24 pounds and growing! To add to her great news, she had her annual echo last week and we are so happy to report that she has no signs of pulmonary hypertension and her heart is totally regular. How she accomplished that without half a diaphragm, only one lung at birth and spending 2+ years at 7,000 feet, we just can't explain! But we know we are so fortunate to have them both in our lives. Now if everyone else we know who dearly wants kids could finally bring them into the world, all would be right. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for that!


Sara said...

What a wonderful update, Debbie! I hope the move is a great thing for your family.

mMc said...

Debbie! Does that mean we will finally meet?! Email me and let me know your plan.

The girls are beautiful!


AnnaMarie said...

I hope you are all settled in by now :)

The girls are so beautiful!

mMc said...


I got your card! My email is still the same -- email me!