Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vegas 2011

Everyone is doing great! The girls are both mobile--Zoe is finally crawling and Sadie is running everywhere. They both say hi, bye, dog, ball, mom, dad, all done and a small host of other one syllable words, and they sign much more than they talk. For example, they sign please, thank you, sorry, they kiss good bye, they sign eat, more, outside, basically, they sign about half of the signs they watch on baby signing time.

We did find out some mildly disturbing news for Zoe. While her pulmonary hypertension has resolved (yay!) and her heart is in great shape, her right lung only has two lobes, as opposed to three, so her left lung is over compensating. We've got to keep a close eye on this and make sure she doesn't get sick because it's really important for her lungs not to have any more stress. We also have to make sure we keep an eye on her back b/c she could potentially develop scoliosis from having a larger left lung. So . . . we're really trying to keep her germ free as much as possible (thank G-d for our awesome nanny) and keep her healthy.

Zoe also does eat by mouth yet. She is just petrified that food is going to make her vomit (because of her severe reflux) so she won't swallow any solid food. She has, however started tasting a lot more foods and she loves to drink water from her sippy cup, so that's a huge plus for us.

Sadie, on the other hand, loves to eat everything, so we often find Zoe sneaking Sadie whatever is on her highchair :). Saide is also very verbal and full of emotion. She knows what she wants and what she doesn't want and she loves to tell you about it. All in all, we feel very, very lucky every day.

Just recently we took the girls to Vegas for a lacrosse tournament and they were over the moon! They loved the hotel, the warm weather and all the attention. There are a few shots above, and here is a video of our little peanuts, who were absolutely CRAZY about their sleeping arrangements in the hotel!