Monday, January 11, 2010

Turn Around Jumper

We're happy to report that everyone is home in the Katz Levi house, but we're not so happy to report that Zoe was BACK in the hospital from Friday through Monday. While there was some cause for alarm on Friday and Saturday and even Sunday, it turns out that Zoe had a little stomach virus that for a tiny peanut like her is just not that little. She's doing much better--she's not 100% yet--but she's definitely on the mend.

While we wouldn't wish hospital trips on our family again, the good news is that Zoe was admitted into the infant unit, and unlike in the NICU, babies in the infant unit get private rooms where moms and dads can spend the night. So nobody had to desert anyone this weekend. Mom stayed at the hospital with Zoe while dad stayed with Sadie. But tonight, thank goodness, we're all back under one roof again!

Well, before I even hit publish on this post, we found ourselves back in the hospital. Poor little Zoe had been given some barium in the hospital for a test and it did not agree with her at all. She's back home again and hopefully that's it for a while, but boy are we tired!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Settled In

We've had some crazy/wonderful/sleepless days and nights around here lately. On Zoe's first night we actually had to call 911 and were dangerously close to taking her back to the hospital that night and again the next morning, but she really pulled through. She was having some real trouble adjusting to the dry air and the elevation, but after making a few adjustments to her oxygen* she thankfully got much, much better!

Sadie's adjusting quite well too. She wasn't sure what to expect at first.

In the short time she was home, she had grown quite used to being an only child.

And to be honest, Zoe wasn't sure what to expect either. In fact, when she left the hospital for the first time, we think she was a little bit overwhelmed!

But we think they're getting used to the idea of having someone else around,

especially when it's time to do things like go the doctor and get shots, nobody likes doing that by themselves.

So, now that the first few days are behind us, mom and dad are getting into a routine and everyone has adjusted to their new living arrangements, we are all very happy. But we think, for the moment, the happiest little girl might just might be Zoe.

*Zoe is on oxygen because she has chronic lung disease. After being on a ventilator for thirty days, she developed some lung damage and it will take a few years for her lungs to repair themselves. We hope she's not going to be on oxygen for too long, but she will have very fragile lungs for quite some time (as will Sadie, simply because she was premature), so if you come to visit, please only do so when you are feeling absolutely healthy and germ free. Thanks!

Friday, January 1, 2010

She's Here!

Zoe Alexis Levi made it home just in time to ring in the new year with her mom, dad and sis! She got home at approximately 7:00 last night, and she has been soaking in the love ever since. We can't seem to put her down, not even for a second and it is SO amazing to see the two girls together again! Happy New Year everyone.
The Levis

p.s. pictures are coming very soon, we promise!