Monday, March 1, 2010

Things are a little tough around here these days. Zoe has lots of feeding issues--she has severe reflux that makes eating incredibly difficult and when she does manage to get food in, she often times has lots of trouble keeping it down. This coupled with mom going back to work has made for some very stressful days in the katz levi household. But, we're working it out. We don't get a lot of sleep, have little time to do anything else but we're thinking about it. In between playing with babies, pulling our hair out, doing laundry and trying to find ways to feed our little champs, we are thinking of all the things we should be doing like cleaning, writing thank you notes, washing clothes or G-d forbid actually put a load of laundry away.
Anyway, we're not complaining, we're just sayin' things are a little tough around here these days. That being said, the girls are getting bigger and stronger and we couldn't think of two better people to spend most every second of our days with.