Friday, June 24, 2011

The girls are doing great! Zoe is just about off oxygen (knock on wood) except for when she's sleeping, and she is FINALLY walking! She is so proud of herself and we are quite proud of her too! She's still not really eating anything by mouth, but as with everything else (crawling, walking, talking, etc.) we are convinced that she will, just within her own time.

They are so cute together, they absolutely love playing together, and they (mostly Sadie) love giving each other spontaneous hugs. It melts our heart every single time.

Now that they are 20 months old, their personalities are as distinct as ever. Sadie has SO much energy, it is no surprise to us that she busted out of her water bag and 27.5 weeks! She goes a mile a minute, and she is incredibly strong. But she is also as sweet as can be, and she absolutely loves her little sister, who she affectionately calls, "Ba!" She is quite the little comedian and actor, she has a really rich vocbulary (opposite, kangaroo, and hippo, just to name a few) and whenever she sees bare feet in books, she loves to say tickle tickle tickle and scratch the page.

Zoe is a little more mellow. She loves, loves, loves, to give mommy, daddy, and her nanny super strong hugs. She loves to be cuddled and snuggled and she seriously wouldn't hurt a flea. She very sensitive and spends lots of time observing. Her vocabulary is pretty extensive too. While she says most things her sister says, she is a little behind in the articulation department, but the way she loves to say "good girl," OMG, few things are cuter.

We are as crazy as ever running around after them, but loving every second of it--especially given the fact that things are so much better than they were this time last year (thanks to Zoe's feeding tube). And minus that tube and Zoe's lingering feeding issues, we really are starting to feel like we just have two normal, adorable, amazing little babies. Lucky, lucky us!