Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I know it's completely ridiculous that it has taken us this long to post an update, but life with toddler twins and a full time job is not easy! Regardless, the girls are doing great! They are both running and climbing and getting into everything they shouldn't. They absolutely love each other and have so much fun playing together. The other day the four of us went to the grocery store and Sadie and I went in a minute or two ahead of Zoe because she had fallen asleep in the car. As soon as the girls saw each other in the store, they screamed, giggled and ran to each other as if it had been weeks (not minutes) since they were last together.

While they are doing wonderfully developmentally, we have yet to be able to get Zoe off of her feeding tube and are considering moving to a lower elevation and participating a rapid wean program. She eats tiny amounts of food every day, most consistently yogurt and ice cream, but we have not gotten her to progress too much beyond that on the solid food front. She puts food in her mouth every day, but when she tries to swallow it, she gags and coughs and spits it back up. If anyone has any experience with tube weaning, please feel free to chime in.

Happy holidays everyone!


AnnaMarie said...

Ack! This photo of your family is adorable!

It's so good to hear that the girls are doing great :) crossing my fingers that Zoe is able to eat well soon.

mMc said...

Debbie, what a beautiful family you have. Oh my goodness, it brought tears to my eyes to see you all together!
Happy 2012!