Tuesday, December 21, 2010

year's end

As we come upon the new year, we are in awe of how much we have to be grateful for. Things were so incredibly different this time last year, and not a day goes by that we fail to remember just how lucky we are.

A little baby named Ava was recently born with a diaphragmatic hernia, just like Zoe. She fought so hard for 47 days, but her body was not able to adjust. I have thought of her parents every single day since Ava passed away, and I have had a very difficult time wrapping my brain around the fact that so many babies born with diaphragmatic hernias die. It absolutely sucks. There is no explanation for why some babies make it and some babies don't and while we are so lucky Zoe survived, it makes me sick to think of how many little ones don't. So, to you Ava. May you smile upon your parents every single day of their lives.

On a lighter note, which I, of course feel guilty about, our little ones are really coming along. It is so fun to watch them play together, laugh with each other, hold hands and give kisses. Of course they have their moments too--usually when Sadie has decided to push Zoe over or yank on her oxygen tube. But all in all, they are doing amazingly well.

BTW, Zoe needs oxygen intermittently. She has grown SO fast since getting her feeding tube, that her lungs have a little trouble keeping up. Some days she needs it all day, some days she doesn't, but the doctors really don't seem worried at all.

Sadie is 21 lbs, and Zoe is just shy of 19. They both say mama and dada and Sadie says dog, all done, papa, and she loves to sign. Zoe says ball and uh oh (they both love that one) and she is an amazing observer. She doesn't like to say new words until she knows she can get them just right, and you can really see her brain working before she says something new.

They love to play in the snow
and both of them will stop whatever they are doing to watch baby signing time!

Sadie is standing all by herself and she is going to walk any second. While Zoe likes to stand too, she still needs a little support and she is not yet crawling. Even with a nissen, our little one manages to throw up--often--so she has up until now hated being on her tummy. But since she's gotten over 18 pounds, she's really started tolerating her tummy time. We used to think she was going to be one of those kids who skips crawling b/c she LOVES to stand, but we've since changed our minds and I think her crawling is right around the corner.

Zoe still doesn't like to eat by mouth very much, but she had progressed a lot, and lets me get the spoon in her mostly closed mouth every feeding. She takes small amounts of yogurt and pureed foods and we are working her up to solids. Her sister on the other hand, eats everything, and we couldn't be happier that we have at least one baby who is very easy to feed.

THis was our first holiday season with everyone home from the hospital and we are so very, very grateful.

Happy holidays.

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mMc said...

Debbie! Loved your card and this post. The girls are precious and I love getting the update on them.

lots of DC love from the McDs.